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In Time

In Time is Sarah's most recent album, released December 2020. The tracks on this highly conceptual record are listed in order of time from the beginning of her day to the end. Each piece is attached to a significant and specific time pre-pandemic, from when she woke up (‘in time’) to when she went to sleep (‘and space’). You’ll hear lots of different sounds as you journey through the album - the simple, ordinary sounds of everyday life. Sarah took more of an experimental approach to writing this album hoping to create a more cinematic and epic journey for the listener. Each piece tells it's own story while remaining intertwined and connected to the whole.

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Home in a Far Away Land

Home in a Far Away Land, Sarah's debut piano solo album, was independently released in 2016. It's melancholic tone and minimalist melodies represent Sarah's underlying search for simplicity in the struggles of early adulthood, finding calm amidst crippling anxiety, and learning how to process grief.  This album is dedicated to Sarah's mom who passed away in 2015.