'I strongly believe that art, in its various disciplines, is a language that connects all of humanity. It is universal and deeply spiritual.' 

Sarah is a pianist and composer from Calgary, Alberta. She grew up classically trained, and from a young age felt a strong pull to venture outside the realm of that world and into her own writing, though she is still heavily influenced by several classical composers.


Sarah has worked collaboratively in many facets, but mainly in film, composing scores with her good friend and colleague, Eric Pauls (writer, filmmaker, producer, director, composer). The most recent film she worked on was Rosebud, Alberta, made by Eric Pauls and Michael Janke, both from Calgary. This film was an official selection of the Edmonton International Film Fest in 2019 and Audience Award Winner at CUFF Docs 2019, among others. The score also received a nomination at the 2019 CSIF Stinger Awards.


While she loves all of her collaborative projects, Sarah finds the most joy in writing her own music. Her second album, In Time, was released in December 2020. In Time is a heavily conceptual album in which Sarah explores her ability to write for instruments outside of just the piano. She considers this record to be her most honest and authentic work to date. ​


When Sarah is not working on her music, you can find her teaching it, spending time with her family, or out for a run somewhere.